Coed Varsity Mountain Biking · Ride to State!

The Washburn High School Mountain Bike team had a strong showing at the state meet held at Mount Kato Ski Hill in Mankato, Minnesota on October 28th-29th. There were over 1,400 high school mountain bike racers from more than 60 teams across the state competing in the two day race finale. The Washburn HS team has consistently placed in the top 5 at all the season’s races. The Washburn team consists of 19 high schoolers and 22 middle schoolers.

It was a great way to finish off an amazing race season with every rider doing multiple 4 mile laps on the strenuous and challenging Mount Kato ski course.

Girls results:
Varsity:  4 lap Race: Anna Christian  finished #1 and is the Girl’s Varsity state champion!
JV 3: 3 lap race: Gillian Bode (sophomore) finished 7th
JV 2: 2 lap race: Anya Healy (sophomore) finished 2nd

Boys Results:
Varsity 4 lap Race: Sean Christian finished 8th
JV 3: 3 lap race: Isaac Lowenthal Walsh finished 15th, Per Alexander finished 19th, Ogden Miller finished 32, Adam Gillette 39th, Michael Doyle 56th, Karl Janczak 77th.
JV 2: 2 lap race: Ethan Healy finished 57th, Jackson Ledermann finished 58th, Owen Berg finished 102.
Freshman:  2 lap race: Sam Lovejoy finished 79, Jack Hanson finished 131, Eddie Stenzel 174.

Congratulations and best wishes to our graduating seniors Anna Christian, Michale Doyle and Jackson Lederman!